Flex + Grails

At the moment I’m working on a publishing thing. The frontend is build in Flex and the backend is build in Grails. I have to say this is a super combination. I can leverage all my Java skills in the backend, I can use the advanced graphs that come default with Flex and best of all. If I don’t need to stop start my application server. I change my code, save F5 and voila my new code is running. Reminds of when I did a lot of php development (still do some, but not that frequent). Okay some of you may argue that Flash is not opensource, but Flex and grails are opensource.

If you need to have graphs in your application, you should really check out Flex. The Flex builder app is not free but there are opensource things (ant build files) that let you generate applications from your Flex code. I’m getting more and more convinced that Flex is the way to go if you do enterprise development. Some may argue that we should use domain driven development, but what prohibits you from doing this with Flex??

But like always choose the right tool for the right job.