Upgrade Ubuntu 9.04

A couple of days ago I upgrade my ubuntu to the latest release (9.04). Like always I had trouble afterwards. After upgrading everything seemed to work fine. I opened firefox and didn’t see any flash … strange. I checked with dpkg and there it said flash-non-free installed. Hmmm very odd suddenly my 2 screens (dual desktop) fell out and came back, even more strange. A couple of seconds later they again fell out and I was back at the gdm login screen. What the f**** I logged back in and started investigating my flash problem. Suddenly my computer hang. I didn’t have the time to investigate so I rebooted and went to bed.

The next day I came back from work and the system was still up and running. My first guess was that the crash had something to do with the X system. I logged in from a remote system and started tailing almost all the log files. I tried to reproduce the system and suddenly again it crashed. I checked the logs but nothing came up after rebooting and rechecking the logs still nothing. As a last resort I downgraded my proprietary nvidia driver and after this my system was stable again. Anybody having/had the same problems? What fixed it for you?