Windows vs Linux

I was wondering if Linux finally will break through. Now HP also started offering Linux computers it won’t take long before all major computer vendors all will be offering Linux computers IMHO.

I’m pro Linux and I do think it is a better OS than Windows but I’m just wondering if it will gain more market share. And if it does if the reason will be that it is free,better,… or just because MS dropped the ball with Vista … If you look at the news sites, you get a lot of messages saying people want to downgrade back to XP. I wonder how the IT world will look the next couple of years.

As much as I’m pro Linux I actually don’t hope that MS will get broken down (like SCO). You might think ‘WTF’ but from my point of view MS doesn’t create that bad tools. I for one am pro VS.NET, I really like it as an IDE. In my dayjob I’m a JEE developer but at night I put on my black cape and mask and develop dotnet solutions for customers. You might ask why ? But the answer is actually very very simple. I yet have to find a tool that let’s me create a solution as quick as VS.NET. So if Linux will prevail (I do hope so) I actually also hope MS will become a tools vendor on the Linux platform and make there dotnet environment fully Linux compliant.

In short let’s just all live happily together 😀