IBM Lotus Symphony

As most people probably know by now, IBM has released Lotus Symphony. But what’s the idea behind it? Okay it’s based on the Eclipse RCP, supports ODF and is free (not sure if it’s opensource). The also announced thy are backing Openoffice but why create a new office suite if you already support one? Why not focus on Openoffice, maybe even create a paid version (like the do with Eclipse and WSAD)? That would make more sense to me … Anybody got some more information on this ?


My server was making a lot of noise, after inspection it seemed the fan on the videocard was making the noise. As it is a headless server that I use as vmware server I thought just unplug the stupid fan you don’t use the graphics card. It booted and noise was gone, whoeray!!
When I came back from our soccer game the server was down. (Not to worry this is an inhouse development server) I tried to reboot but nothing. I unplugged it, replugged it and started it. Sparks were shooting out of my videocard. As I still have an onboard card, I unplugged it and rebooted. Now everything works fine but now I lost one graphics card 🙁