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I would just like to say thank you to Stephan Janssen. The first talks of Devoxx (Javapolis) are already online. I bought a ticket this year, but because of the death of a relative I really didn’t feel like going. It’s nice to be able to still watch some sessions. Ok, It’s not the same as being there, but I still get the information I would get if I had attended. Keep up the good work.

@Stephan If you read this, any idea when we will be able to see a glimpse of the JavaFX and Silverlight version. I’m really curious what the results will be.

I myself actually don’t believe in JavaFX. I have to admit they have the strength of Java but they still lack a lot of things. One of the reasons I’m so interested in Flex is the fact they already have lot of standard components. Strong set of graphs,calendar,datagrid,… in the beginning Silverlight was also missing these features and almost nobody wanted to use it. With Flex you are even starting to see community efforts for making custom widgets. I for one have already used the CustomDataGrid where you have a builtin search functionality. You just give the grid a couple of 100 lines and you can make the searchable,customizable columns,… Don’t you just love the widget/component based frameworks 🙂

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  1. We’re currently developing the new server and hopefully have a version 1.0 ready by the end of Q1-09. This version will introduce spaces/channels and wil replace completely the current wiki based server.

    I believe that once that’s available and JavaFX works flawless on Mac (plugin2 support), Jo Voordeckers (the hero who developed the JavaFX Parleys version after business hours) will probably make this version available.

    We also have a GWT prototype which might follow. And the iPhone version which already looks great !! Interesting times ahead….

  2. I’m responsible for the JavaFX version of
    We were initially going to release it around Devoxx’08 but due to some technical issues with the first release of the SDK, the release is pushed back until these get fixed. Hopefully the next release (1.1 if I’m right) will solve our problems and allow us to release a compelling alternative for the current Flex version.

    Regarding comparing JavaFX to Flex, it’s true that Flex offers a lot more for boring business applications (form components) today, but it’s only a matter of time until either Sun or the community comes up with something similar. Don’t forget Java already has it’s form-component toolkit (Swing), that’s probably why JavaFX is targetted at the consumer market for now.

    No mather what technology survives, we’ll benefit from this competition…

  3. Nice work guys, keep us posted. Will there be a new beta program for the JavaFX and GWT client?

    Jo I agree that swing has form-component toolkit (swing). But I have the feeling that Flex is already further than Swing is. I haven’t seen many swing libraries on the market or in the community. I even find it disturbing that there is still no datepicker included. Even if you download netbeans and use matisse for doing your gui building. Still no datepicker. So JavaFX will have catch up at an amazing speed. And now with crisis I don’t know if Sun will still be funding the development as much as they did in the past. Even microsoft has problems catching up with Flex and they are already further than JavaFX. I also get the feeling that Microsoft receives money from building Silverlight. I don’t yet see Sun receiving money from developming JavaFX. Do you?

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