small bug, big problem

Friday evening I got out of my car and had to get something from the backseat. I switched the light above the backdoor and suddenly poef, every light in the car went out. I couldn’t even open the trunk, had to search through the manual to find out how I could open the trunk using my key. It seems there was a keyhole inside the VW sign.

Every electronic circuit in the car wasn’t working. The cars windows didn’t go down, all the lights weren’t working, even my mirrors weren’t heated anymore. What’s really a pain in this time of the year.

Luckely I Can go to the garage today, and let’s hope they can fix it.

new server online

Hey Everybody,

sorry for the problems and the inconvenience, but we switched from server and one hd of the old server failed on us. So now I’ve got my own server to manage.

I’ll try to get my wiki also up and running as soon as possible. I do miss some of the notes I had in there, makes the importance of backups again clear. As kris once told, ask you customer do you have a backup plan? But more important, does it work?

We’ll find out soon enough 🙂

I’m doing a project at the moment so i’m really busy, can take some time before the tiki is back up. sorry 🙁

About me

I’m Bjorn Monnens,

in my daily life I’m a java architect at segersconsulting , We are hiring good java programmers so If you think your up to the task, just email my boss. You’ll find the info on the website.

So I’m a java architect, but what do I do then. Well I make corporate applications. E.g. At the moment I’m working at a Customer Service System. I’m using the default webcomponents every java developer should know. By these default components I off course mean : struts,validator,tiles.

As dao layer I convinced them to use hibernate. It makes developing a backend DAO layer much less cumbersome. Because the analysis is not yet fully done, I can refactor my backend without much trouble. If there is a new field in the table, just add it to my business object, pull it to my interface and add it in the xml and my application can use that field. So no nasty insert,update,select statements updating.

I also made a small ajax script for dynamic content that shouldn’t need a page refresh. I must say that ajax is rather simple, but hey, what is difficult now a days.

I also recently started my own company. I’m doing freelance programming, webdesign,webhosting,collocation,computer assembly,… Almost everything I know or have done in the past. Check in on fixitconsulting , it’ll be my corporate website and I’ll publishing new content over there. You’ll find all the information you need about the services I can deliver.

I play soccer in my spare time over at kabouters opglabeek its a team from 3 prov in Belgium. Okay its not professional, but believe me you do live for it.

I play fussball at fc deklat as much as I can, its fun to play indoor and do a Baida now an then 🙂
I also have a girlfriend, who surprisingly doesn’t complain to much of me being a geek or having not much time, but she’s a real sweetheart. I love her and I know she supports me in all the strange things I want to do with my life.
Thank God I only have to sleep 4 hours a day to be rested, otherwise I couldn’t do what I’m doing!